Russell Peabody Hale

Scanned Photo of Russell Peabody HaleRussell Peabody HaleRussell Peabody Hale was born on April 7, 1909, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the son of George Kellock and Ann Peabody Smith Hale. Russell attended George H. Boker Grammar School and Northeast High School, where he graduated in January, 1927.

After finishing high school, he entered the work force at Hale Manufacturing Co., Inc., manufacturer of bone buttons. In November 1928 he moved from Philadelphia to North Carolina, when the company relocated its entire operations to Mount Airy. On December 26, 1933 he married Miss Edna Gertrude Ellis, of Mount Airy, NC.

In April 1941, he worked as an auditor for the Farm Security Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, in Raleigh, North Carolina. He then transferred to Defense Housing as cashier-bookkeeper, and during the next twelve months was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and Radford, Virginia.

In October 1942, he transferred to the Office of the Collector, Internal Revenue of the U.S. Treasury Department in Greensboro, North Carolina. He worked first as an Income Tax Auditor and was promoted to Assistant Chief of Office Audit in March 1952. Following a reorganization of the Internal Revenue Service later that year, he served as Acting Chief of the Office Audit Branch until January 1954. He then was made a Supervising Internal Revenue Agent in the Office Audit Branch.

He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, North Carolina and was active in several civic and employee associations, including the Greater Greensboro Exchange Club, where he served as both as President and Treasurer. He also served as President of the North Carolina Unit of the National Association of Internal Revenue Employees, and was district Governor of this organization for the Southeastern States, October 1965 to September 1967.

In 1948 Russell Hale became active in Masonry. He petitioned Greensboro Lodge No. 76, A.F. & A.M. for the degrees and membership; he was initiated on June 10, 1948, passed on July 5, 1948, and raised on July 19, 1948. He held several offices and was Master of the Lodge from December 21, 1953 to December 20, 1954. He received the service award medal of Greensboro Lodge on May 28, 1959.

Hale was a Certified Lecturer and Instructor in the Grand Lodge of North Carolina, having passed the examination on April 16, 1951. He was an expert in the Ritual work of the Blue Lodge, the Scottish Rite, and the York Rite of Free-masonry.

On April 17, 1957 he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the 23rd Masonic District (now the 34th District), by Charles Anderson Harris, Grand Master of Masons in North Carolina, and held that office until April 1960.

He petitioned the Scottish Rite Bodies and received the degrees in James W. Cortland Lodge Perfection on November 9, 1948. He served in several offices and was Venerable Master from February 16, 1960 to February 21, 1961.

On November 10, 1948 he received the degrees in Guilford Chapter Rose Croix and held several offices, including the Wise Master from May 15, 1962 to April 16, 1963. He received the degrees in Greensboro Council Knights Kadosh on November 11, 1948 and serving in several offices, including Commander from June 17, 1958 to June 16, 1959. He became a member of the Greensboro Consistory on November 12, 1948 and later held several offices, including Master of Kadosh from December 18, 1962 to December 17, 1963.

On October 20, 1959, he was elected to the rank and decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor.

He petitioned Chorazin Chapter No. 13, R.A.M. and received the Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and the Royal Arch degrees on March 1, 1958. He held several offices and was the High Priest from December 21, 1961 to December 20, 1962.

He was Anointed in the Holy Order of High Priesthood at a convention held in Greensboro, March 25, 1964. On March 5, 1968 he was appointed District High Priest of the 6th District and held that office for several years.

He petitioned Greensboro Council No. 3, R. & S. for the membership and was greeted on March 20, 1958. He served in several offices and was Illustrious Master from December 19, 1963 to December 17, 1964.

He was obligated in Nathaniel Greene Council No, 34, Allied Masonic Degrees on November 14, 1959 and served as Sovereign Master from November 13, 1965 to November 12, 1966.

He received the thrice Illustrious Master degree in Greensboro on March 25, 1964 and he received the Super-Excellent Master’s Degree in High Point on May 7, 1969.

He petitioned Ivanhoe Commandery No. 8, K.T. for the Orders and Membership; he received the K.R.C., K.M. and Knight Templar on March 7,1964. He held several offices and served as Eminent Commander from December 3, 1969 to December 1970.

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