Lee Gorrell Rumley, Sr.

Lee Rumley was initiated on August 8, 1957 in Cherry Point Lodge No. 688 in Havelock, North Carolina while serving in the military. He affiliated with Gate City Lodge on September 22, 1959 and immediately became very active in Masonry. He assisted in numerous projects around the Greensboro Masonic Temple, and with an electrical back ground, he did most of the electrical work in the building. He was also a very knowledgeable custodian for many years. When the temple decided to renovate the dining area, he helped by wiring new fluorescent lights and sold the old tables and chairs and replaced them with the ones that are presently being used. Rumley solicited donations from the various lodges to offset the expense of this project. He served as President of the Temple Board for four years. He served as Master of Gate City Lodge in 1970 and was elected Secretary of Gate City Lodge and remained in that position until he stepped down of his own accord around 1993. Lee Rumley, Sr. continues to take a very active part in the degree work within the lodge and is as close to a Masonic Encyclopedia as there possibly could be.

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