James Oliver Thornton

James Oliver ThorntonJames Oliver Thornton was born March 13, 1908 in Axton, VA and died July 12, 1979 in Greensboro.  Jim was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Reidsville Lodge No.384 (name later changed to Jefferson Penn Lodge No. 384) on November 26, 1946. On October 23, 1951, he affiliated with Gate City Lodge No. 694 as an original member at 694's institution.  Jim was a Life Member, and received his 25 year certificate from Gate City Lodge No. 694.  Percy Picket Turner and James Oliver Thornton were close friends; after WB Turner passed in 1968, Jim decided the best memorial to his departed friend and Brother would be the successful constitution of a new Lodge in his name.  P.P. Turner Lodge was granted dispensation by the Grand Lodge of NC in 1969 with WB Thornton as first Master; he continued to serve as Master for 1970 when P.P. Turner Lodge No. 746 was instituted. WB Thornton was a Certified Lecturer and was active in both York Rite and Scottish Rite. He served many years as Director of the Work for the Scottish Rite Valley of Greensboro and was honored with the 33rd degree.

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