Earley W. Bridges and the Greensboro Masonic Museum

Earley W. Bridges, HistorianBorn on August 18, 1894 in Franklin County, North Carolina, Earley Winfred Bridges grew up in Wakefield, North Carolina. A veteran of World War I, he graduated from North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (now North Carolina State University) in 1924 and moved to Greensboro in 1927.

Earley W. Bridges was initiated, passed, and raised to the sublime degree on Master Mason in 1930 in Greensboro Lodge No.76, A.F. & A.M. He held several officers positions and served as Master of the Lodge from 1936 to 1937. He also served on several Lodge Committees and was elected the Lodge Historian on June 22, 1933.

From the creation of the Greensboro Masonic Museum in 1932 until his death in 1974, Earley W. Bridges tirelessly devoted time and energy to his love for history and Masonry. As museum curator for more than forty years, he developed an amazing collection of several thousand items and authored nearly dozen books on Masonry.

Greensboro Masonic Museum, 1957Greensboro Masonic Museum, 1957

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