Officer's Jewels; Tyler's Sword

Officer's Jewels; Tyler's SwordClick for larger view.Catalog ID


Given By / Source

Greensboro Lodge No. 76

Date Received


Year Given


Long Description

The first Officer's Jewels of Greensboro Lodge No. 76, A.F. & A.M.- Tyler's

sword (Tyler).

Object Type

19 Ceremonial Objects: Officers' Jewels

Masonic Body

Blue Lodge

Masonic Relationship

Masonic - Greensboro

Historical Association

At a communication of Greensboro Lodge held on July 7, 1821 an Order was

issued to pay Zebulon Elliott $25.50 for "Jewels &c". From this information, it

is believed that the Lodge had just received the jewels and probably used

them for the first time on the above date. They were used continuously by the

Lodge from July 7, 1821 to August 27, 1959. Presented to the Museum by the

Lodge on August 27, 1959. There are only nine of the jewels.

Item Date


Condition Comments

Excellent No comments

Item Dimensions

1" x 5"

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